Need to find doctors
who are a natural fit?

We help you make the connection.

There are top-notch physicians out there who would be ideally suited for your hospital’s rural environment and surrounding community. But there are also hundreds of hospitals competing for a relatively small pool of desirable candidates.

Strategic Physician Sourcing from Marshall Face2Face is a turnkey solution for getting in front of the right prospects at the right time. While positioning your hospital in a way that resonates with physicians with the requisite skills, mindsets and personas.

A recommended supplement
for your sourcing effort.

The dilemma of sourcing prospects and setting appointments is something every organization needs to deal with. Refined over more than two decades of real-world application, the sophisticated Marshall Face2Face approach is a bona fide door opener.

With our Strategic Physician Sourcing, this time-proven lead generation and appointment securement approach has been fine-tuned to address the sourcing challenges of rural and smaller-market hospitals. We’ll tailor a program to your specific needs. At a cost that is significantly less than hiring a full-cycle recruiting firm.

Collaborating closely with your inhouse team, we start with in-depth research across the geographies, specialties and competency levels you’re looking to target. This enables us to create a customized database — either from scratch or based on your current one — that serves as the engine for the sourcing effort.

After outreach materials are sent, we use pleasant persistence to make direct contact. During this phase, we assess each candidate’s personal interest. Our interview summaries empower you to select and vet the most promising candidates to invite for a visit. If desired, we’ll also assist with visit scheduling and confirmation letters.

If sourcing is a sticking point,
we’ll get you past it.

For over two decades, the Marshall Face2Face system has consistently achieved exceptional appointment-generation rates. A level of success that isn’t possible with the typical on/off inhouse effort. To set up an exploratory conversation, click here to fill out our brief online inquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ready to put your best foot forward.

With exceptional depth of experience in relationship building, and painstaking attention to detail, David Helgerson creates highly focused and effective outreach programs to address each client’s specific needs and opportunities.

The husband of a practicing OB/GYN — and a Marshall Face2Face franchise owner since 2011 —  Strategic Physician Sourcing is the latest offering in David’s portfolio of high-impact and cost-effective business services.

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